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A Day Trip To Èze Village

My day trip to Èze Village begins on a rare cloudy French Riviera morning. Weather is no issue here, though.

As soon as I walk up the hill and enter the weathered stone ramparts of Èze Village, I am spellbound. This small, walled medieval town is the stuff that fairy tales are made of, with cobble stoned streets winding up and around atop the mountain, with the promise of magic around every corner.

Perched high above the Cote d’Azur, nestled between the mountains and the twinkling blue of the Mediterranean Sea, Èze Village is perfectly situated for the best views in the entire French Riviera and is the perfect day trip from Nice.

Getting to Èze Village


From Nice, the number 112 bus to Monte-Carlo goes via Èze Village as does the 82 bus to Plateau de la Justice. the breathtaking bus ride climbs the rocky French Riviera mountains steeply providing the most wonderful views of the ocean from up high. The trip takes you along the famous corniche roads of the Cote d’Azur and for a mere 1.50 euros, it is the best value scenic drive going around. I’d recommend having the correct change on hand for the driver. 

Buses alternate every hour, so plan your trip wisely to avoid lengthy wait times at the bus stops. The trip itself from Nice to Èze Village will take approximately 30 mins one way. Also, note that on Sundays and public holidays only the 82 bus runs.


There is no train direct to Èze Village, only to Èze-sur-mer which is the seaside town directly below the cliff top village. From the seaside, it is a steep, hour-long walk up the hill to get to the village. Trains go very frequently and only take 15 mins from Nice to Èze but unless you’re really keen for a big old hike, I’d still recommend the bus as the top option!

If you just wanted to walk one way, then I’d suggest getting the bus up to the village and hiking down the cliff instead of up. After a couple of glasses of French wine, you might feel the need for some air and exercise. 


It is pretty easy to get an Uber in Nice and the car ride up to Èze Village is around 25 minutes (traffic depending). Though, really, it is just as quick and significantly cheaper to take the bus. Also be aware that there are reports of Uber drivers having issues picking up in Èze Village so be sure to have a back up plan in case you can’t get back to Nice that way.


What to do on an Èze Village day trip?

Jardin Exotique d’Èze

I must admit, I was sceptical when I heard about the Exotic Garden in Èze Village. Why did I want to go and see cacti and succelents when I was in the south of France to explore the Cote d’Azur? Well, this tourist attraction is number one in Èze for a reason. It’s utterly spectacular. 

From the garden, the terracotta rooftops and sheer cliffs make this village’s perch seem precarious. Up here it is evident why the Cote d’Azur is so named, with the sparkling turquoise of the Mediterannean Sea inviting even from afar. 

Nestled in amongst the exotic plants are sculptures of the Earth Goddesses serenely staring out over the coastline. These sculptures are created by artist Jean-Philippe Richard and are scattered throughout the garden, pensively supervising and welcoming visitors.

The garden costs 6 euros per person. 

Wander the streets

Èze Village is a joy to get lost in. Walking the cobble stoned streets that wind around the mountain-top village is one of life’s simplest yet most enjoyable pleasures. There are no cars within the walls of the village, so strolling to your heart’s content, poking your head in to the many shops and galleries along the way can be done without a care. 

Its ambling at your own pace that the relaxation and enjoyment sinks in here. I found myself breathless at what new discovery each corner or laneway held because the town just felt like a fairy tale. There is magic in the air in Èze Village. I’m sure of it. 

Take in the view whilst enjoying a drink

There are many fancy places to enjoy a refreshment whilst exploring Èze Village. The Chateau Eza is a five-star favourite with five-star price points, but has views to die for. Same goes for the village’s most famous hotel, La Chevre d’Or.

That said, there are plenty of smaller and more casual spots to grab a glass of wine or a snack and watch the world go by. They are on the sides of the path, in the laneways and under the small archways lining the streets with a smattering of a few tables to each establishment. Either get there early or be prepared to wait if there are lots of tourists about as those restaurants can fill up quickly.


An Èze Village day trip is the opposite of action packed. Experience all the food, sights and views of this charming medieval town in a day without feeling rushed or stressed. And when you’re done? Take your pick between an hour long stroll down the mountain to the sea side train station or getting the bus back to Nice directly from the village entrance. 

Èze life is the best life, after all.

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