Berlin Wall Escape

I’m Emma and I’m a travel writer and blogger focused on solo female travel, local experiences and culture and the arts. I’m a total foodie, an unashamed Instagram addict and in my free time (what free time?!) I get stuck into a bit of acting as well.

My blog was created to help people like me with a serious case of wanderlust get inspired, get prepared and get out the door to explore the world. I’m especially keen to help women feel more empowered to travel solo, because us girls deserve a bit of adventure – with or without a travel buddy.

So, who is Emma?

  • I’ve done many things in my 30 years – I’ve worked as an actor, a music teacher, in call centres, for airlines and now I work online.
  • I’m ready to give most things a go at least once – unless it’s eating something SUPER gross.
  • I’m a passionate feminist. For the record, that means I believe in gender equality, not that I hate men.
  • My weaknesses are cheese and wine – if we ever meet and you want to butter me up, then this is how you do it!
  • Same goes for a strong latte if it’s before 11am.
  • I once got dumped in India (kind of like a reverse Eat, Pray Love).
  • If possible, I always take the window seat.

Now what?

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Day Trips to Palm Beach with Emma Jane Explores

Me at Palm Beach

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