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How do I travel long term and work on the road?

Isn’t this just the age-old question! More and more people want to spend their time exploring and experiencing new places without the constraints of having to ask their boss for permission to take leave.


The digital nomad life is one of the most sought after and glamourised lifestyles…

But is it really all that glamourous?


On one side, there’s freedom, adventure, exploration and autonomy. On the other, there’s hard work, self-discipline and living out of a suitcase for months at a time. It’s not a lifestyle for the faint hearted or for the person who just likes a two-week-long getaway every now and again. We’re talking serious, full on, long term travel.


Still reading? Sound like you?


Then here’s what you need to know about working remotely and being on the road.


  1. Save money before you go.

Even if you have an online income lined up before you leave – you always need some spare cash ready to access in the event of an emergency for when you leave your wallet in a bar after a night out, break your electronics or need to quickly go get a butt injection for food poisoning. I’m totally speaking from experience on all of these. Trust me, it happens.

Five Tips For Travelling And Working On The Road - Save Money

Save Money & Spend It At Places On The Way!


  1. Learn to work that social media following

Social media might feel like a massive minefield with so many different platforms to choose from. But, if you use it well and build an audience that are engaged, then there are opportunities to collaborate with brands, hotels and tour companies along your travels in exchange for content.


As a travel blogger, I decided to focus on Instagram with a spot of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest thrown in, and in less than two years managed to grow a following of over 31,000 people, which has lead me to be able to pitch collaborations with brands I love.


Not sure where to start on Social Media? There are plenty of courses out there that will teach you strategies for success! 

Five Tips For Travelling And Working On The Road - Leverage that Social Media in Amazing Places Like This!

Leverage that Social Media in Amazing Places Like This!

  1. Pack Lightly

This might sound crazy if you’re heading off on long term travel, but don’t over pack. Lugging a huge suitcase of stuff around from place to place is not a great idea and it’s also an awesome way to prove to yourself that you can live with less.

Test yourself and see if you can make it with just carry-on!

I survived Vegas - Palm Trees

This is my “I’m having so much fun face”

  1. Co-Working Spaces Are Your Best Friend

Sure, it’s nice to whip out your laptop on the beach to get some work done… that is until you get sand stuck in it and realise that your sunscreen-y fingers have greased up the keyboard. Luckily, there are heaps of co-working spaces and cafés around the world where us nomads set up shop to get some work done.


Co-working spaces usually cost money to hire for the day or for a longer period of time and will have wifi and desk space, as well at the opportunity to meet other nomads working remotely. Cafes will be cheaper (usually) as you normally just have to buy something in order to sit there and get your work done – just make sure that if you need it, you pick one with wifi!

Baguette making in Montmartre

Making baguettes

  1. Self-Discipline Sets You Apart

It’s so easy to get so caught up in the thrill of travelling, that the actual work part gets forgotten. I like to make sure I spend my early morning getting my work done for a couple of hours and then put in another few hours before I go to bed. That way, I get to spend my days enjoying my time, but I’m ensuring that I’m earning a living on the road. I also love to knuckle down with my laptop if I’m on a long flight or train trip – I make sure that before I allow myself to turn on a movie or have a snooze, I’ve achieved something I needed to get done that day!


A routine is really helpful if you’re not super disciplined like me. I make sure in the morning I have my coffee, go for a run or do some yoga and then sit down to work. It’s like clockwork and it works for me. You might be more of a night owl and head off exploring before hunkering down to get some stuff done overnight – the beauty of this lifestyle is it is about WHATEVER works for you. That is, as long as you’re getting it done.


Five Tips For Travelling And Working On The Road - Prague

Water under the Charles Bridge

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