East meets West as Asia and Europe collide. From bazaars filled with lamps that wouldn’t look out of place in Aladdin, to the poignancy of Gallipoli, Turkey is wholly unique and unlike anywhere else. 

Asia meets Europe in this unique and full of culture country that houses some of the prettiest cities in the world. The Istanbul Old Town of Sultanahmet is such a stunning, picturesque look into the more traditional side of Turkey where cobble-stone streets and market stalls are bountiful and backgammon boards are a staple at every pub.


The more solemn side of the country can be found at the site of the first ANZAC landing in Gallipoli, where once a year Australians, New Zealanders and Turkish people come together to participate in a dawn service commemorating the fallen soldiers.

Turkey truly has something quite magical – the best of Asia and Europe combined.

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