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With 2019 heading out the door, it’s time to start thinking about my 2020 travel plans. I’m allowing myself a lot of fluidity and flexibility this year as things move around at work and home, but I do know that I want 2020 to be the year of new places.

I spent a lot of 2019 returning to countries I love like France, the UK, Japan and the USA to explore their amazing destinations more deeply. This year, though, I’m in the mood for more brand new adventures!


Seoul, South Korea

South Korea has been on my list for the longest time so I’m glad its finally rocked into my 2020 Travel Plans. With a forced Christmas office closure, what better time to change things up and go from Sydney summer into South Korean winter for a few days?

I’ve always heard amazing things about this country, so I’m looking forward to visiting the capital city, Seoul, as well as potentially a couple of other destinations including Nami Island and Busan.



Sydney, Australia

Being home in February is a priority for me because it is peak beach weather in Sydney. Think white wine by the ocean, fish and chips on the sand for dinner and making the most of Sydney’s amazing ferry system to get out on the waterways. 

The fish market is also a favourite stop at this time of year as it is perfect weather to grab some fresh seafood and wolf it down in the sun outside. Just beware of seagulls! Always a staple in my yearly travel plans!


Port Stephens

Three hours’ drive north of Sydney lies the beautiful Port Stephens where dolphins frolic in the turquoise waters. I visited Port Stephens many years ago with my family, but since moving to Sydney I haven’t been back. I’m heading up for a relaxing long weekend away from the city.

My plans? Very little. Read books, lie in the sun, go dolphin watching and maybe for a thrill take one of those sand dune buggies for a ride – the perfect relaxing addition to my 2020 travel plans!




My sister gets married this month at a beautiful winery in the Yarra Valley, so I’ll be spending time with family preparing and celebrating the big event. There are three of us girls in the family and Elise is the middle sister. I’m utterly stoked to be a bridesmaid for her big day in one of the prettiest parts of Victoria. 

Lots of photos to come for this one!


Blue Mountains

Back in Sydney for the month of May with lots of local exploring to do. I always try to get out to the Blue Mountains in Autumn as the changing leaves are a favourite sight of mine.

This year, we’ve had horrific bushfires around the Blue Mountains area, so I think its extra important to get up there and support local businesses who may have suffered in the deadly summer fires.


Hunter Valley

One of the few touted day trips from Sydney that I have yet to take is out to Sydney’s closest wine region, the Hunter Valley. As Sydney starts to cool down, I’m planning on heading out to enjoy some downtime overlooking grape vines and sampling some of the region’s best wines. 



Berrima is another cute NSW town that I have yet to visit, though I’ve driven through several times. Winter is the perfect time to take a cool, refreshing roadtrip out of Sydney for a weekend and Berrima is famous for its pretty drives and great food. 



Fortunately, Sydney doesn’t get too cold in Winter, so it isn’t unbearable to be stuck in the city at this time of year. It’s a great time to check out the indoors activities Sydney has to offer, like the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Aquarium and the beautiful Queen Victoria Building which offers the best high tea in the city. 




I’m finally planning to get to Italy this year – a country that has always been on my list but I’ve never quite managed to get there. Whilst I’m still working out exactly where I’ll be visiting – there’s just too many amazing destinations to choose from – I’m definitely thinking Rome and Florence are on the cards.



Matt’s family are from Malta and since meeting them I’ve always been super keen to go and visit the tiny European nation. I’ll be travelling with Matt and we’re hoping that the weather will stay warm enough to hop into Malta’s famous crystal clear water for a swim!


Miami, USA

Back to Miami for another work trip and I’m definitely not complaining. The Florida city by the sea totally charmed me on my last trip with its quirky artistic vibes and Cuban food.

Whether its a lazy day on South Beach, or a thumping night out at a Miami nightclub, this seaside city has it all.


Sydney & Melbourne

Time to do the rounds with family and friends in the lead up to the Christmas break. December is the season of holiday parties, warm days and catching up with those near and dear.

I’ll be jetting down to Melbourne on the 23rd so that I can see loved ones in the lead up to Christmas and then head back to Sydney to celebrate New Years in the iconic harbour city. 

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