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The majestic Blue Mountains of Australia are the stuff that dreams are made of. This epic list covers all the best things to do in the Blue Mountains year round, so you’re covered for activities no matter when you choose to visit.

The region features massive expanses of hazy blue eucalyptus tree tops, lush green valleys and pinky-hued crags. It’s a nature lover’s paradise.

So, in no particular order, here’s the ultimate list of things to do in the Blue Mountains year round for your travel inspiration.

Katoomba and surrounds

Katoomba is one of the central towns of the Blue Mountains and boasts plenty of pubs, restaurants and shops to explore.

It is also the closest town to Scenic World and the Three Sisters.

It’s a great town to base yourself in as you’ll easily be able to find accommodation walking distance from the main street and train station.

The vibe of the town is quite youthful, with a backpacker like feel – particularly after dark.

Where to stay in Katoomba?

Katoomba really caters to all tastes when it comes to accommodation. There are several hostels and backpacker dorm-style accommodation options including a YHA and the Katoomba Mountain Lodge.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is an abundance of gorgeous historic bed and breakfast places to stay in the area. My favourite is the Kurrara Historic Guesthouse, which has stunningly fitted out rooms and a roaring fireplace to welcome guests.

Things to do in Katoomba and surrounds

See the famous Three Sisters

One of the most famous sights of the mountains are the rock formations called the Three Sisters.

The best viewing spot for that iconic shot of the Three Sisters is from Echo Point where sunrise and sunset bathes the three craggy rocks in a pink glow.

It’s definitely full of tourists every day, but it is worth it for one of the most stunning views of the Blue Mountains going around.

Three pointed sandstone rock formations jutting out from the cliff face

Visit Scenic World

Arguably the most touristy (and most expensive) thing to do is to check out the various thrills of Scenic World where a cable car, skyway and scenic railway await.

A $39 all-day pass gives unlimited access to the fun of the Scenic World rides. For just $10 extra you can also access the Blue Mountains hop on/hop off bus – fun for the whole family!

Blue Mountains Skyway Cable Car

Spot the witch’s face in the Witches Leap waterfall 

Along the walk from Katoomba around to Scenic World lies a curious waterfall called the Witches Leap.

In the rocks where the water is falling, a formation in the rocks that looks like a face stares out at the world.

Can you spot it?

The Witches Leap, 17 Blue Mountains Experiences

Meander along the Street Art Walk

Who knew that Katoomba had a dedicated street art walk to rival Melbourne’s Hosier Lane?

This little pocket of graffiti goodness can be found just off the Katoomba main street in Beverly Place.

It’s a relatively new edition to the thriving Katoomba arts scene, having launched in 2015 thanks to a crowd funding campaign!

A street art design of a girl with blue hair making the punk symbol
A brick building with street art painted on it

Eat an acclaimed pizza from Station Bar + Woodfired Pizza

Boasting the most impressive pizza menu I’ve ever come across, the Station Bar + Woodfired Pizza sits right next to Katoomba Station.

My favourite is the Springwood 371m pizza atop with wild mushrooms and buffalo mozarella, but there’s also some more adventurous toppings like crocodile for the culinary adventurer.

A pizza topped with buffalo mozzarella and mushroom

Take in the views from Juliet’s Balcony

To get the full panorama of the Katoomba Falls area, this lookout is perfectly situated along the walk from the falls towards Scenic World.

From this vantage point, the Falls, the Three Sisters and part of Mount Solitary are in view as well as seeing the Scenic World Skyway cruise along its cable in midair.

Katoomba Falls from Juliet's Balcony, 17 Blue Mountains Experiences

Katoomba Falls

This towering waterfall really roars after heavy rainfall and is a beautiful stop on your walk between Echo Point and Scenic World. 

The Katoomba Falls is the region’s most famous waterfall and the surrounding Katoomba Falls Walk is one of the best things to do in the Blue Mountains year round.

The round walk past the falls will take around an hour and is 2km in length, so it is a great moderate walk to undertake for those not keen on a more challenging hike. 

A two tiered waterfall tumbling over sandstone cliff

Blackheath and surrounds

Blackheath is a significant change of pace from the tourist-heavy Katoomba and Leura, but nonetheless this little village in the Blue Mountains has a heap of charm.

With a small strip of shops and a couple of pubs, staying in Blackheath feels much more authentically local than in either of the main tourist towns, but this lovely town punches well above its weight when it comes to stunning lookouts and bushwalks – some of the best things to do in the Blue Mountains year round.

Where to stay in Blackheath?

Blackheath has fewer options than the much bigger towns, but there are still great choices that straddle both sides of the price debate.

Brantwood Cottage Luxury Accommodation is a definite favourite in this area and the Blackheath Motor Inn is perfect for those looking for accommodation without all the bells and whistles.

Things to do in Blackheath and surrounds

Evans Lookout & Grand Canyon Walk

Check out the Grose River Valley from on high with the beautiful green view from Evans Lookout and use this spot as a starting point for the Grand Canyon bushwalk or wander around to Govetts Leap.

The Grand Canyon Walk is the Blue Mountains’ premier day tramp – a 6km loop around the cliffs and waterfalls of the area.

An aerial view of the valley covered in lush trees

Watch the sunrise at Govetts Leap

Brave the cold mornings of winter to see one of the world’s best sunrises.

Govetts Leap Lookout is the perfect vantage point to see the first light of day hit the mountains, bathing it in violent orange before reducing back to a more subdued rose and gold. It’s truly a sight to be seen.

Sunrise at Govetts Leap, 17 Blue Mountains Experiences

Descend into the Mermaids Cave

A blink and you’ll miss it entrance leads to a long, stony walk down the steps to the Mermaids Cave.

Just off the Megalong Valley Road is this sandstone grotto that is quiet, cool and green with picturesque flowing water falling into the glen.

When I found this little fairytale spot, I was the only person there. For a moment, be the only person in the world.

A small stream of water in the bushy undergrowth

Leura and surrounds

Leura is the fancy lady of the Blue Mountains. This stunning town is home to gorgeous homewares and artisan shops as well as many delicious restaurants.

It also happens to be the home of the pretty little Leura Cascades and one of my favourite lookouts, Sublime Point.

Where to stay in Leura?

Leura is a bit more upmarket than Katoomba, so you won’t find hostel accommodation here.

Instead, treat yourself to a stay at the incredible Fairmont Resort & Spa by Sofitel or stay at the travel sustainable property Endellion to ensure your carbon footprint is low.

Things to do in Leura and surrounds

Walk from Leura Cascades up to Bridal Veil Falls Lookout

The Blue Mountains are full of wonderful nature walks and one of my favourites is the walk from the Leura Cascades up to the cliff top waterfall view at the Bridal Veil Falls Lookout.

At 180m, these falls are the highest of the Blue Mountains’ many waterfalls and coupled with the gentle flow of the Leura cascades this walk is a fantastic, easy walk for those wanting to experience the natural beauty of the area.

For a longer walk, continue all the way around to Echo Point.

The small waterfalls that make up the Leura Cascades are surrounded by mossy ferns.

Check out the view from Sublime Point

Sublime Point is an easy lookout to access in the Blue Mountains with vertigo-inducing views a mere matter of metres from the carpark.

Mount Solitary is on full display here as well as the back of the Three Sisters. If you’re lucky, you might also spot some adventurous rock climbers tackling the cliff faces.

The green valley of the Blue Mountains surrounded by cliffs

Eat an authentic Napoli pizza at the Alexandra Hotel

Locals and tourists alike flock to the Alexandra Hotel on the outskirts of the Leura Mall to sample Chef Marco’s incredible Napoli-style pizza straight out of the pizza oven.

The pub itself is lovely as well, but the real drawcard here is the tantalising taste of Italy – an unexpected treat amongst the best things to do in the Blue Mountains year round.

Two Napoli style pizzas sitting on a pub table ready to be eaten

Lithgow and surrounds

Lithgow is one of the furthest towns from Sydney in the Blue Mountains.

Technically part of the Central Tablelands, this lovely area is nearby to Historic Hartley Village as well as some incredible hikes and lookouts.

The area used to be the heart of Australia’s iron and steel industry and the Blast Furnace Park commemorates that contribution.

Where to stay in Lithgow?

The Zig Zag Motel and Apartments is a great choice for solid accommodation that also focuses on sustainable travel.

The Lithgow Workies Club Motel is also really highly rated for a motor inn and well located less than a kilometre from the town centre.

Things to do in Lithgow and surrounds

Ascend to the highest vantage point at Hassans Walls 

At 1,100m above sea level, this epic view is the highest viewing spot in all the Blue Mountains.

Take in the panoramic views of the Hartley Valley with its lush green paddocks and see to the mountains beyond. Hassans Walls can be accessed from Lithgow via a dirt road up the mountain.

My 1998 Ford Laser made it though, so in good weather any car can make it up there. 

A view over fields of green grass and trees from the top of the Hassans Walls lookout

Take a walk on the Bowtells Swing Bridge

Part of the 3-day Six Foot Track walk, this one-person-at-a-time suspension bridge is perfect for thrill seekers.

Swinging over the Cox’s River and only accessible on foot, this Instagram-worthy spot will give you the perfect bridge photo!

Stop in at the Eco Lodge for a beer afterwards or take a picnic to the river.

Emma stands on a very narrow metal suspension bridge that extends above the Cox's River

Explore the area’s colonial past in Historic Hartley Village

Pay a visit to the 1830’s in Hartley Village where you can wander amongst colonial buildings and take in views of rolling green hills.

Take a walk up to the Tor (the boulders atop the hill at the back of the village) and survey the whole area from on high.

A sandstone building that forms part of the historic Hartley village with a backdrop of blue sky

Wentworth Falls and surrounds

Wentworth Falls is one of the first towns on the Blue Mountains drive and boasts a spectacular waterfall as the village’s main drawcard.

Charles Darwin also walked here, hence one of the walking trails being named the Darwin walk.

The town features a few lovely cafes and pastry shops so you can stock up on picnic supplies before your walk.

Where to stay in Wentworth Falls?

The Grand View Hotel is making great inroads in sustainable travel and is located very close to the centre of the town.

Alternatively, for a special view of the mountain ranges, look to stay at the Valley of the Waters B&B which provides sweeping views over the Jamieson Valley. 

Things to do in and around Wentworth Falls

Discover the breathtaking Wentworth Falls

The obvious thing to do when in Wentworth Falls is of course to make the trek to the waterfall.

The Darwin walk is a fairly straightforward tramp along a babbling brook all the way to the sheer cliff face that the falls drop off.

Wentworth Falls

Take in a sunset at Lincoln’s Rock

Otherwise known as Flat Rock, this spot near Wentworth Falls is a perfect sunset viewing point that avoids the flocks of tourists that head to Echo Point.

Located off a dirt road at the end of Little Switzerland Drive, and provides epic views of the Jamison Valley and the Kings Tableland.

It’s west-facing, so the sun sets right in front of you and throws some gorgeous colours across the land.

The sun is setting to the left of the image with a couple of bare trees on the right side, branches pointing to the sky

Jenolan Caves and surrounds

Though technically not part of the actual Blue Mountains, the Jenolan Caves are a great extension to your visit to the region. This cave system is one of the oldest in the world and is one of the best things to do in the Blue Mountains year round.

The Jenolan Caves also markes the start (or end) of the 3-day hike, the Six Foot Track, so take a tour of the caves and then do a bit of tramping to get a sense of just how amazing the area is.

Where to stay at the Jenolan Caves?

The iconic Jenolan Caves House is the prime accommodation option for avid cave explorers. For something that is a little more price-point friendly, try the 3 star Jenolan Cabins located just 2km away.

Things to do at the Jenolan Caves

Go caving

The Jenolan Caves are remarkable to visit in any capacity, but for a real treat there are adventure cave tours that take you abseiling, squeezing and crawling through the lesser known cavities in the area.

The Plughole tour is perfect for beginners and though it’s a tight squeeze at points, I never felt unsafe or claustrophobic. It was the best fun I’ve had in a long time and the perfect caving experience.

If adventure caving sounds a little too much, don’t be worried. The standard Jenolan Cave tours are all in caves big enough to comfortably walk through.

Emma is crawling through a cave dressed in an orange jumpsuit with a hard hat and torch

Tackle part of the Six Foot Track

The epic three day hike from Katoomba to the Jenolan Caves is a daunting notion. But from the Jenolan Caves, you can always try your hand at the first section of the Six Foot Track (and if you take the Jenolan Caves to Katoomba direction it is more downhill!).

If three days of trekking doesn’t appeal, then I suggest being a little adventurous and trying your hand at four wheel driving a portion of the bumpy track down to Cox’s River campground. It will be bouncy and rough, but a heap of fun!

A stony Cox's river with both banks surrounded by trees

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