czech republic

Home to one of the most photogenic cities in the world, Prague, this beer loving country is definitely a favourite at any time of year.

Africa is a continent I have barely touched and that definitely needs to change pronto! I’ve got a burning desire to see South Africa, in particular Cape Town, but I’m also intrigued by Morocco, Zanzibar and Botswana just to name a few.

I’d also love to get back and see more of Egypt as I felt my time there was far too short. I took a ferry from Jordan over to the Nuweiba area on the Red Sea and had a nice little beach break and went a step further when I snorkelled in the Blue Hole of Dahab. Seeing the pyramids is a pinch-yourself moment for just about anyone – ancient Egyptian history was one of my first interests when I was a kid, so seeing these structures up close and personal after dreaming about it for so many years was extremely cool.

So, for more African adventures, watch this space!

Following In A Monk’s Footsteps in Prague

Following In A Monk’s Footsteps in Prague

Exploring the Strahov Monastery in Prague was not on my list of things to do when researching the UNESCO World Heritage Listed city, but a few people when I arrived in town mentioned it to me and I am eternally grateful that I added it to my list of attractions to...

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