the netherlands

Tulips, windmills and wooden clogs aside, The Netherlands is one of the most progressive, fun countries I’ve visited. It’s also super photogenic.

The Netherlands.


Whichever name you choose, the images of windmills, Gouda cheese and clogs are hard to get out of your mind!

Amsterdam, the canal ringed capital, is such a pretty and picturesque city with a constant soundscape of whirring bike wheels and dinging bells. Liberated and modern, Amsterdam is also pretty famous for it’s red light district where sex workers present themselves in full view of potential clients and a coffee shop is actually a spot to buy marijuana.

Whether the seedy, party town appeals or whether you’re more interested in arts, history and culture, Amsterdam (and indeed The Netherlands) is for you. Easily accessible from the capital are other towns like The Hague, Delft and Haarlem where the fairytale style architecture and canal rings continue to serve the city.

Most recently, I got in touch with the more rural, traditional Netherlands by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage listed Kinderdijk and also with the creative, architecturally fabulous Rotterdam.

The Ultimate Guide To Exploring Amsterdam

The Ultimate Guide To Exploring Amsterdam

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