(Last Updated On: October 31, 2020)
Street Art in Los Angeles is everywhere you look. Wandering down Hollywood Boulevard, it can be easy to be caught up in the celebrity stars on the Walk of Fame, the theatres that line the streets and the crazy entertainers in costume taking photos with over-eager tourists. But, waiting around the corners, down the side streets and alleyways is some really cool street art.


Here’s some of my favourites that I encountered in my short time in LA.

1. Cosmic Love

This one just sticks out to me with it’s vibrancy and colour. Sitting unassumingly next to a shower door store, this piece just gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Free Things To Do In LA - Street Art

Seen on the LA streets

2. Frank Sinatra

Old Blue Eyes’ face is painted on a shopfront roller door on the Boulevard, not far from his star on the Walk of Fame.

Street Art in LA - Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra painted on a roller door. Only in LA.

3. Sneakers

There are a bunch of sneaker walls around the Boulevard. They encompass the cool, hip and casual California lifestyle perfectly. I would live in sneakers if I could!

Street Art in LA - Sneakers

Sneakers on the walls

4. The Silhouette

This guy is right under your feet! Just another reminder that you should always take note of your surroundings otherwise you can miss out.

Street Art in LA - Silhouette

The Silhouette

5. Nancy Sinatra

Are you ready boots? Nancy Sinatra is not far away from her Dad on this Hollywood Boulevard side street.

Street Art in LA - Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra

6. Weird fantasy creatures

These guys make a few appearances along the Boulevard. Weird, but super fun and colourful!

Street Art in LA - Strange

These guys are strange, but fun!


7. A whole wall of fun

This wall adds so much colour to the dark and gritty Hollywood area. I love it!

Street Art in LA - Wall

A wall of colour

8. Alien Head

Just around a corner, this strange and spooky green face peeks out.

Street Art in LA - Alien

I call this one Alien Face

9. Thai Town

This little power box is covered in Thai influences to mark the entrance of Thai Town at the Griffith Park end of the Boulevard. It’s a good place to finish your street art walk, because you can grab some delicious Pad Thai on the cheap when you’re done!

Street Art in LA - Thai Town

A taste of Thailand


All of these photos are taken from around the Hollywood area.

But, I’m sure that there are heaps of other awesome street art viewing spots in LA just waiting to be discovered, too.




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