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What are the Drawing Room Rocks? 

The Drawing Room Rocks just outside of Berry in New South Wales are an incredible naturally formed phenomenon known as ‘nature’s drawing room’. Technically speaking, the table and chair like shapes of the rocks have been caused by weathering and erosion over many years. The sandstone at the lookout site has hardened and flattened as the rest eroded, leaving the visual of a flat, table-top like formation.

The lookout at the top of the Drawing Room Rocks hike has dramatic views over Berry, Kangaroo Valley, Didthul Mountain and greater Shoalhaven region. On a clear day you’ll even be able to see the famous sands of Jervis Bay as well.

A rock shaped like a table-top

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Where to stay near the Drawing Room Rocks

Berry is your best bet for a lovely weekend accommodation that includes climbing up to the Drawing Room Rocks. The town is full of restaurants, shops and pubs so you’ll be able to make a couple of days out of the trip without issue.

How to get to the Drawing Room Rocks?

The Drawing Room Rocks are located a short drive (around 10 mins) from the centre of Berry, so a morning hike is the perfect way to start your weekend away before heading back into town for some brunch. Unfortunately, there isn’t really any other way other than driving to get to the start of the trail. 

You can also do a day trip from Sydney just for the hike, though I’d definitely recommend stopping in for a nice meal and a wander around Berry afterwards. From Sydney, the drive the hike will take around 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Locating the trail’s starting point

From around Apex Park in Berry, you’ll need to find Woodhill Mountain Road which will then split after 6.8km. You’ll want to stay on the section that become Brogers Creek Road.

When Brogers Creek Road splits, stay on the right side of the fork, which will take you a very limited (and unmarked) parking area. You should see some small signage pointing to the start of the hike.

Finding the entrance to the walk can be a little hard to locate, but it will come up if you plug it into Google Maps.

Walking to the Drawing Room Rocks

From here, you’re ready to start the 2.5 hour (4.5km) return hike to the Drawing Room Rocks. The trail is uneven and not maintained and tree roots and rocks can be trip hazards as you navigate the steep first section of the trail up the mountain but take the hike at your own pace and stop wherever you need to. 

You’ll notice that the terrain changes from sheltered temperate rainforest at the start of the hike to a more sandy, open landscape where the sky is more visible and the wind picks up. This means you’re close to the top and nearly at one of the best views of Kangaroo Valley and the Shoalhaven region.

A green valley view from the top of the Drawing Room Rocks

Can anyone do the Drawing Room Rocks hike?

The track is intermediate grade and whilst it has its challenging points, it will be achievable for more people. Unfortunately, for people who require specific assistance physically, the walk is out of the question and because of the remote nature of the lookout, there is no other way to get to the top.

It’s also unsuitable for little kids and anyone carrying a serious injury as the terrain is just too dangerous and uneven.

Personally, I’m not the fittest person in the world, but I am pretty determined and don’t have any major physical injuries apart from a sometimes-dicky ankle. I found the walk tough, but doable, particularly in the steep sections.

For those with ankles prone to rolling, I’d recommend strapping prior to commencing the walk as the uneven path can prove a challenge to an unstable ankle, but I was never in doubt of making it up to the top.

My 60+ year old parents also made it up to the top and whilst they complained a little about the toughness of the steep sections, they were incredibly glad they did it when they reached the top.

A girl standing on top of a mountain

Does it cost anything to do the Drawing Room Rocks hike?

No, the walk is absolutely free 

Are there any facilities at the Drawing Room Rocks?

No, both the hike and the lookout areas are absolutely 100% natural. There are no toilets available on the hike and any items you bring with you must be taken back home with you to preserve this beautiful area.

What should I bring to the Drawing Room Rocks?

Food & Drink

Like on any hike, you’ll want to bring plenty of water to keep hydrated, especially in the warmer months where Australia gets very hot. If you’re planning to have a bite to eat at the lookout, then make sure you bring food that’s easy to carry up there and a rubbish bag for you to take any trash back home with you.


You’ll likely want to have a windbreaker or warm jacket with you as the lookout is exposed and can get very blustery and make sure you’re wearing good walking shoes – hiking boots or supportive runners are best.


Make sure you apply sunscreen as the harsh Australian sun can burn you even when it is cloudy and also bring along insect repellent. Sunglasses will also help you when you get to the top if it is a bit glary.


Whether you want to use your mobile phone, or whether you’re bringing a DLSR, you won’t want to miss out on the incredible beauty of the Drawing Room Rocks lookout. Be careful taking selfies on the cliff face as there’s nothing standing between you and the edges – safety needs to come first always.

A woman and a man sitting at the top of a mountain

Can I take my dog on a walk to the Drawing Room Rocks?

No, the area is managed by NSW National Parks and no pets are permitted in order to preserve the natural ecosystem.

What else can I do in the area once I’ve hiked to the Drawing Room Rocks?

Luckily, there is plenty to do in this beautiful part of the world. The historic townships of Berry and Kangaroo Valley are only short drives away and are both excellent options to stop and grab some lunch. Berry is a mere 10 mins drive away and also has a whole heap of very cute shops and produce stores for those feeling like a bit of retail therapy.

When you’re done, drive back to Sydney through the Southern Highlands and stop at a few sites along the way such as Bowral or Fitzroy Falls.

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The Drawing Room Rocks Hike - Emma Jane Explores
The Drawing Room Rocks Hike - Emma Jane Explores

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