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I had never in my life heard of San Francisco’s Mission District. That is, until I signed up for a tour with the crew from Urban Adventures. Lucky I did, because this old Latin heart of San Francisco is filled with all the life, vibrancy and culture that makes the soul soar.

In a few hours, I fell hard for the Mission District.

Colourful murals. Quaint tacquerias. Pastry shops.

This spot in San Francisco feel at odds with the rest of the city.

This is the San Francisco I wanted to uncover!

There are two main alleys to see the murals of the Mission District in all their glory: Balmy Alley and Clarion Alley.

That said, if you wander the area, you’ll definitely come across other murals along the way. They’ve spilled out of the alleys and into the streets.


Here’s a collection of my favourite photos from the Mission.

I wrote a whole big blog post about my time touring the Mission District on the Urban Adventures blog.

The Murals

These are the feature items of the Mission. They depict culture, political movements, global issues and joy. I’m a street art lover from way back – I grew up in Melbourne after all – so this area was such a great find.

  1. Women Power

Four Days in San Francisco - Murals of the Mission District

Every mural tells a story

2. Representing San Francisco’s Latin Past

Mission District - Workers

A working culture that goes back years

3. A bit of colour in the alleyways

Mission District - Alleyways

Murals in the Alleys

4. Is it wrong that I want to paint my driveway like this?

Mission District - Alleys and Murals

The alleyway murals take over entire garage doors and houses!

5. Where The Wild Things Are <3

Mission District - Wild Things

One of my favourite children’s books

6. Driveway loving!

Murals of the Mission - Driveway

This is my dream driveway

7. A comment on over using our phones?

Murals of the Mission - phones

What is the world coming to?

8. Rainbow Unicorns Kissing? This is my kind of area!

Murals of the Mission - Unicorns


9. The amazing Women’s Building Mural

Murals of the Mission - Women's Building

The incredible Women’s Building is covered in murals

10. And lastly, just me in front of a super colourful wall. Yay!

Murals of the Mission - Emma Jane Explores

That’s right, it’s me!


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